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Ek Jind Ek Jaan

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In this Punjabi Movie, Sukhi(Raj Babbar) and Gurjeet (Ritu Shivpuri) become engaged, but trouble brews when the to-be bride discovers that her intended has no desire to procreate. You see, Sukhi has already taken on the responsibility of raising his young step-siblings which he feels will be more than enough child rearing for one lifetime. Gurjeet does not seem to be overjoyed by the prospect of raising someone else's children. Rather than shatter Gurjeet's dreams of starting a brood of her own, Sukhi decides that it is best to call off the marriage, despite Gurjeet's brother Kundan offer to pay to have the step-kiddies shipped to a far off hostel (how thoughtful) so that the couple would not have to deal with them. Kundan is not pleased that Sukhi is refusing to retract his un-engagement to his sister and vow's that the man is destined to be abandoned by his siblings once they have grown up.

Starring : Raj Babbar, Nagma, Ritu Shivpuri, Aryan Vaid, Deep Dhillon, Arun Bakshi, Mighty Gill, Sameep Kang, Donny Kapoor,
Music : Uttam Singh & Udbhav
Produced By : Deepak Maini

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