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Singh Vs Kaur

Singh Vs Kaur (2013)

Director :- Navaniat Singh
Producer :- D. Rama Naidu, Sippy Grewal, Gurfateh films, Suresh Productions
Writer :- Dheeraj Rattan (Story/Screenplay) | Amberdeep Singh (Dialogues)
Music :- Jatinder Shah
Genres :- Comedy/Action
Release date :- February 15, 2013

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Directed by : Navaniat Singh
Produced by : Dr. D. Rama Naidu
Written by : Dheeraj Rattan
Screenplay by : Dheeraj Rattan
Story by : Dheeraj Rattan
Starring : Gippy Grewal, Surveen Chawla, Binnu Dhillon, B N Sharma, Japji Khaira, Avtar Gill, Sean Bindra, Taranvir Dhanoa
Music by : Jatinder Shah
Cinematography : Jitan Harmeet Singh
Edited by : Manish More
Production company : Suresh Productions, Sippy Grewal Productions, Gurfateh Films


Nihal (Gippy Grewal), an easy going glib liar, a daring rogue who enjoys playing pranks on people, though it irks everyone around. To get rid of the unwanted nuisance, the panchayat instructs his mother to cease his activities and threatens her to outcast them both otherwise. To nullify the gravity of the situation, Nihal decides to befriend the sarpanch's niece, Sapna, who mistakes his effort for friendship as his affection towards her. His hope for any improvement is shattered when the sarpanch (Avtar Gill) brings up the idea of his marriage with Sapna. As an escape trick, he builds up another lie of being already in a relationship with someone else. To worsen the situation, Sapna becomes suicidal and the villagers, after somehow saving her life, turn back to Nihal to confront him. To back him up, his friend Tari (Binnu Dhillon), adds to the lies by showing them a picture of a arbitrary girl Jasneet (Surveen Chawla), which controls the situation momentarily. As an obligation to his mother's request of saving family's dignity, Nihal, running out of options, is forced by entanglement of his own lies, to go to Canada, find that girl and bring her to the village as a proof. He continues to weave his web of lies around everyone including the girl recently brought into the picture. He Somehow manages to bring her to India though he knows that he has to surpass the previous mount of lies built to limit the consequences. Arrival of the girl, unintentional falling in love with her, unfolding of lies, commence the battle "Singh v/s Kaur".

Cast and Crew

Banner: Suresh Productions Pvt. Ltd. | Gurfateh Films | Sippy Grewal Productions
Language: Punjabi
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Producer: Dr. D Ramanaidu
Director: Navaniat Singh
Star Cast: Gippy Grewal | Surveen Chawla | Japji Khaira | Binnu Dhillon | B N Sharma | Avtar Gill
Music Director: Jatinder Shah
Lyricist: Veet Baljit
Cinematography: Jitan Harmeet Singh
Choreography: Bhuppi | Mehul Gadani
Editor: Manish More
Action: Ram Laxman
Writer: Dheeraj Rattan (Story/Screenplay) | Amberdeep Singh (Dialogues)

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