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Kabaddi Once Again

Kabaddi Once Again (2012)

Director :- Sukhminder Dhanjal
Producer :- H. S. Dhanoa
Writer :- Sukhminder Dhanjal
Music :- Sachin Ahuja
Genres :- Sport,Drama
Release date :- 8 June 2012

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Kabaddi Once Again" is the story of a village boy Shingara Singh who dreams to take his mother game of Punjab from muddy and bare ground to the green turf of international standards. His dream gets shattered when he comes to know that Kabaddi is not simply a sport but it is a big game of illegal human trafficking, drug mafia and match fixing... He takes an oath to get back the glory of mother game Kabaddi. The path is not so easy; there are so many obstacles in the way of success. But he has great heart and muscles to fight against such evil forces. He rushes towards his goal with such a force and determination that he crushes his opponents like rubber doll under his feet. He is ruthless when it comes to the question of fulfilling his dream of winning the Kabaddi world cup. Will his dream come true and will everyone be celebrating in the end....Find out in November when the film is released


Varinder Singh Ghuman as - Shingara Singh
Sudeepa Singh as - Kiran
Amar Noorie as - Shingara's Aunt
Jaswinder Bhalla as - Suchha Singh Sandhu
Binnu Dhillon as - Kirpal Singh (Klachh)
Nachhatar Gill as - Ranjit Singh
Rana Ranbir as - Lamteengh
Rana Jang Bahadur as - Paul
Sardar Sohi as - Nashhattar Singh
Stefan Stoev as - Sardar Amrit Rocky Singh Kirpal


Directed by - Sukhminder Dhanjal
Writing by - Sukhminder Dhanjal
Produced by - H. S. Dhanoa
Screenplay by - Dheeraj Rattan
Story by - Dheeraj Rattan
Music by - Sachin Ahuja
Production company by - Kapil Batra Production

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