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Hero Hitler in Love

Hero Hitler in Love (2011)

Director :- Sukhwant Dhadda
Producer :- Babu Singh Maan
Writer :- Babbu Maan,Sadhana Sargam
Music :- Babbu Maan,Sadhana Sargam
Genres :- Romance,Comedy,Action
Release date :- 18 Nov 2011

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About Movie

Hero Hitler in Love revolves around the life of a man called Hitler who lives in his village, Ishqpura. Hitler is a man with unique and different thoughts, who loves his fellow villagers and helps soul-mates come together. Hitler falls in love with Sahiban, who lives in Pakistan and decides to bring her to his village. Hitler believes in solving problems by talking about them, but when something crosses the line, he decides to become a real "Adolf Hitler".
The film also revolves around car racing. Hitler loves to race, but when he is set up to fail in the Asian Car Racing competition he decides to take revenge. The story relates how Hitler takes his revenge and fights to win his girl, in the process helping to calm the tension between the competing nations of India and Pakistan


Babbu Maan as - Hitler and also mirza in 2nd part of movie
Mouni Roy as - Sahiban
Bhagwant Maan as - Shameem
Happy as - Villain
Surinder Rehal as - Villain's Father
Sukhwant Dhadda as - Heroin's Father
Madhuri Bhattacharya in - Mujra number Shabab
Chacha as Our - Real Chacha
Jinder as - Kabootarbaaz
Sarbjit Maan as - Lambar Amli
Tony as Press Reporter
Nagender as - Pandit Sanyasi
Ravi Bal as - Pind Da Ranjha
Ram Singh as - Rana Cyclelan Wala
Bala Krishan as - Nek Bakriyan Wala
Lembit Opik as - Extra


Director - Sukhwant Dhadda
Producer - Babu Singh Maan (Maan Films)
Writer - Babbu Maan,Sadhana Sargam
Screenplay by - Babbu Maan
Music by - Babbu Maan,Sadhana Sargam
Edited by - Sanjay Verma
Production company - maan films
Distributed by - Maan Films