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Cross Connection

Cross Connection (2014)

Director :- Nishant Bhardwaj
Producer :- Jasbir Dhillon
Writer :- Sudhir Sharma,Sahib Singh
Music :- Rimi Dhar
Genres :- Comedy, Drama
Release date :- 26 December 2014

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Its a rib-tickling comedy with a definite message to the parents in general and youth in particular. This film shows, how the increasing misunderstandings, generation gap, confusions and decreasing love and affection between families-parents and children leads to becoming a big problem in their daily lives.This is a story of Gurman, Annu, Sukhi and Harry-all studying in Shimla. Anu and Shukhi live in Shimla whereas Harry and Gurman's families are Chandigarh based. The two lead players are madly in love whereas the other two are also itching for their love and are trying their best to convince their parents to fix their marriage as per their desire.... now what?... They, in desperation, decide to run away to avoid the marriage so decided and vow to come back home either after the date of marriage or get married if things go haywire ...Now what should the parents do who have already fixed everything like card distribution, halvaaee, jewellery and invites. They are at odds to explain the absence of the kids on the fast approaching marriage dates which is drawing closure faster than it is for comfort.Parents are exploring wast distances in search of the absconding lovers. Everyone is in a hurry and is covering the length and breadth of the town and the periphery. As luck would have it, just on the eve of marriage they get spotted and apprehended and what now!!!!! and this is where hilarity, laughter, and frequent guffaws reverbrate in the audience and the whole atmosphere reaches a crescendo and, in turn, relaxes the tension and conveys a very poignant message in a very light vein. This, indubitably would turn out to be a bollywood bonanza in the true sense of the word There is more to it than perceptible at a bird's eyeview


Baagi Bhangu
Gurchet Chitrakar
Jasbir Dhillon
Raman Dhillon
Gullu Ji
Nancy Johal
Krishan Joshi
Tarsem Paul
Malkeet Rauni
Rajinder Rozy
Anita Sabdeesh
B.N. Sharma
Pankaj Sharma
Dilawar Sidhu
Sahib Singh


Directed by - Nishant Bhardwaj
writer By - Sudhir Sharma,Sahib Singh
Produced by - Jasbir Dhillon
Music by - Rimi Dhar
Cinematography by - Manjeet Sigh
Film Editing by -Jeet Singh Mehta

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