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Mirza - The Untold Story

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Mirza - The Untold Story is based on the legendary love story of Mirza and Sahiba.
Mirza (Gippy Grewal) and his Sahiba (Mandy Takhar) fall in love with each other at a very young age. This film picks up many years later when Mirza and Sahiba return to the same home town where they once grew up together. Jeet (Rahul Dev), Sahiba's oldest brother, is a major gang leader in the city nonetheless, he still maintains his family's honour. Mirza decides to infiltrate Jeet's gang. However, the story takes a turn as Mirza meets Sahiba and their love flourishes once again. This leaves Mirza faced with his love and the hatred he has for her brothers to the point his battle becomes personal with his leader, Jeet.
Sahiba was a virtuous beautiful soul who did not desire any bloodshed, knowing Jeet and Mirza are both men of strength. One will end up dead, however she has been sheltered from the real business of the family. Mirza enters Jeet's gang, yet Jeet doesn't know he's after Sahiba. Since Jeet would like Sahiba to marry Deesha (Honey Singh), a fellow mad gang member, Mirza tries to run away with Sahiba. Then, Sahiba and Mirza lodge at farm cabin and Sahiba wakes up but feels that her brothers shouldn't be killed and takes out all the bullets from Mirza's gun, on which he depends. Suddenly one of Sahiba's brothers arrive and fights with Mirza. Mirza is successfully winning the fight till he tries to shoot Sahiba's brother and realizes the bullets have been taken out by Sahiba. Jeet then comes and shoots Mirza and he dies while Sahiba is taken away from Mirza

Gippy Grewal as - Mirza
Mandy Takhar as - Saheba
Honey Singh as - Deesha
Rahul Dev as - Jeet
Binnu Dhillon as - Diler Singh

Mirza had the highest opening day collections for a Punjabi film at the time of release and had the second highest opening weekend and week collections only behind Gippy's own movie Jihne Mera Dil Luteya. The Opening week collections of Mirza in Punjab was Rs 2.47 cr[2] The film was given a Superhit verdict in India apparently. The film received a large amount of hate. Though the movie had a successful run at the box-office, critics panned the storyline, and the lack of effort put in by Gippy Grewal. Yo Yo Honey Singh appeared in the film with a minor role, his performance was praised and boosted his career to a whole new level. Rahul Dev's role as the antagonist was also praised by various critics